Recreational Program

The TranscenDance Xperience recreational program is a great way to get your family into dance.  We offer classes for children walking-18 years in many different styles.  Dancers will experience top-notch instructors who care about their growth and development.  Each class performs in a mid-season showcase and recital at the end of the season. 

Walking - 5 years


Dance With Me! (Walking-3 yrs.) - Explore the joy of movement with your little one and discover the many benefits of early childhood dance classes. We will dance, sing, and play in both one-on-one activities and group activities. Through circle songs, open exploration, and gross motor development exercises, children will blossom with each passing class as they grow with their caregiver during this precious time together. 

Bitty Ballerinas (2-3 yrs.) - Watch your child’s independence and confidence soar, as our Bitty Ballerinas explore and discover the benefits of a more structured dance class. Following directions, waiting for our turn, and collectively problem solving will encourage emotional and social development. Live singing, musical play, and sensory props will have these little ones moving and grooving with their friends and eager to return to class each week!

Fancy Feet (4-5 yrs.) - This class is designed for dancers who have graduated from the above classes or are slightly older beginners.  Dancers explore elementary ballet and tap concepts with emphasis on physical growth, flexibility, and coordination. Short choreographic combinations assist in memory development as structured explorations continue to assist the development of problem solving and social interaction.  

Lil Hoppers (3-5 yrs.) - This 30-minute class will get dancers groovin' to the beat while learning basic tricks and hip hop skills.  Students will also learn how to count music and put combinations of movement together.

Jazz/Tap/Tumble (4-6 yrs.) - In this 45-minute class, dancers will explore a wide variety of styles throughout the season.  Instructors will introduce jazz and tap vocabulary while working on proper technique and execution of skills. We will also work through the Acrobatic Arts AcroDance Preschool curriculum which focuses on the budding acrobat!

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6 years+


Ballet/Jazz/Tap - In this 60-minute class, dancers will explore a wide variety of styles throughout the season.  Instructors will introduce ballet, jazz and tap vocabulary while working on proper technique and execution of skills. 

Hip Hop - This 45-minute class will focus on hip hop skills, combos and tricks.  Instructors will encourage self-expression and creativity while also teaching how to move with the music and learn combinations.


Acro/Tumbling - Students will learn to strengthen muscles and flexibility in order to perform acrobatic and tumbling skills.  Learn from a certified instructor using a curriculum approved by Cirque Du Soleil.

All Ages

Mommy/Munchkin & Daddy/Daughter Dance - This class is a fun way to get parents involved in dance class!  It is open to students 2.5 years and older who are registered for another class at TDX.  Parents will perform with their dancers at the recital in June!*  


*Rehearsals for Parent/Child will begin 4 weeks prior to recital!