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About Us

TranscenDance Xperience was founded in August 2015 by owner Kylie Crawford.  After her childhood dance studio closed it's doors, she saw the need to follow in it's footsteps to offer a wholesome, family-centered approach to dance instruction. At TDX, we strive to provide an environment that is welcoming of all abilities in order to strengthen dancers physically as well as socially and emotionally.  Here, dancers learn to be confident individuals surrounded by supportive staff and classmates.


Why TDX?


  • Small class sizes enable individual attention for all our dancers.  Each class has lesson plans crafted to your child's needs and technical growth.

  • Age appropriate costumes and music choices; we place a strong importance on flattering costumes for all shapes and sizes as well as family-friendly music.

  • Family-centered learning.  We believe families play an important role in the success of our dancers.  Parents can come in and watch class at any time, and are encouraged to have open communication with instructors.

  • Student-focused lessons - Classes are structured based on the levels of the dancers, which promotes the highest level of growth for each individual student.  This builds strong dancers and confident, happy kids! 

  • Team building mentality - We work to eliminate competition between students by recognizing each dancer's strengths and encouraging positive feedback throughout the class.


Kylie Crawford has been involved in dance since she was 10 years old.  She has danced both competitively and in the modern world throughout her career.  Before founding TDX, she was the competition director at her childhood dance studio.  Kylie created a performance line program there and was head of community outreach, where her dancers performed at the Children's Hospital and other local venues.  She also taught through Minneapolis Parks & Recreation, Minneapolis Public Schools STEAM Day, and other studios in the metro.  She has experience teaching ages 18 months-18 years in all styles of dance, from ballet to hip hop.  Kylie is certified in Acrobatic Arts, DiscoverDance Early Childhood Dance Education, and a member of the National Dance Educators Organization.


Through her work, Kylie has grown a passion for teaching young artists the importance of expressing oneself through movement.  She takes pride in building the next generation of dancers, and strives to instill a love that will continue with her students well into adulthood.  

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