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The TranscenDance Xperience recreational program is a great way to get your family into dance.  We offer classes for children walking-18 years in many different styles.  Dancers will experience top-notch instructors who care about their growth and development.  Each class performs in a mid-season showcase and recital at the end of the season. 

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TranscenDance Xperience Company program is for dancers who want more performance opportunities than recreational classes.  Company dancers experience competition, community performance, and technique-based workshops throughout the season to build confidence and strength. We focus on working as a team and appreciating all dancers, no matter what skill level.  Students practice in a wholesome, supportive environment to build themselves both physically and mentally.  It is our goal to create a program that is accessible to students who want more out of their dance education while also allowing time to be involved in after-school activities, homework and family.

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